SPELL Casting & Electromagnetic Forcefield Cleansing is a short, elaborate ritual which will create a haven of peace and accomplishment in your life. Please have the following completed before you enter the sacred space:

  1. Concentrate on a wish, mindspace, or person you wish to impact in your life (the spell or idea you wish cast). This is your special concentration objective. The more defined you make it, the sharper the result of your spell.
  2. Think of the earth.
  3. Hum a little to yourself, without anyone else noticing. It can be a one note hum, or a melody - but combine your thoughts or wishes of your special concentration objective with the hum.
  4. The session will last for approximately five minutes. Be prepared to open up your mental possibilities.

After the spell casting has taken place: spells have subtle methods of revealing themselves to you. Please retain the spell fetish as a mediational tool to assist the spell on its journey in your life.

Sorry, no bad or negative spell cast requests taken.

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